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Top 10 Bike-friendly Cities in the World

Top 10: Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Utrecht, Portland, Montreal, Berlin, Barcelona, Tokyo, Bogota, and Strasbourg

Bike-friendly cities lead the way, showing us how to roam and discover sustainably. They pave the way with dedicated lanes and rentals, keeping it smooth for everyone to pedal and take in the views. In our roundup of the Top 10 Bike-Friendly Cities in the World, we’ll see who’s setting the pace in cycling infrastructure, shareable bikes, and an overall pedal-loving culture. If you’re a seasoned cyclist or just craving a unique city tour, these spots combine thrill with green living.

Ready to roll? Let’s dive into the world’s Top 10 Bike-friendly Cities!

Why Bike Tours?

Bike tours let you blend in, not just look on. You glide through the streets, catch every detail, and feel the city’s pulse. They’re easy, eco-friendly, and put you right in the scene. Plus, they keep you fit while you explore. You zip past traffic, savor the freedom, and often meet fellow adventurers. In short, bike tours offer a close-up of city life, a green way to travel, and a fun workout all in one. For bike, food, and walking tours in the city, I always book through this site because of their 24-hour cancellation policy. It’s easy to cancel bookings when the weather is bad or when you’re sick.

Top 10 Bike-friendly Cities in the World (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Top 10 Bike-friendly Cities in the World (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam stands out as a cycling champion. Its biking tradition stretches back to the 1800s. With over 400 km of lanes, Amsterdam makes biking a breeze for locals and tourists. Easy to get around and chock-full of rental shops and tours, it’s a two-wheeler’s dream. There are more bikes than people in Amsterdam! Join Amsterdam Bike Tour with a Local.

2. Copenhagen, Denmark

Next up, Copenhagen. Over 350 km of lanes and paths here make bikes the go-to ride for more than half the city’s folks. The city’s big on safe and smooth cycling. Hop on a rental to see Tivoli Gardens, the Little Mermaid, and Nyhavn’s colorful scene. Join the 3-hour Copenhagen City Bike Tour.

3. Utrecht, Netherlands

Utrecht may be smaller, but bike friendliness is right up there. It boasts the world’s largest bike garage and a solid lane network. Biking is the norm for getting around and sightseeing. Join the Guided Cycling Tour with Vegan Tastings & 2 Drinks in Utrecht. 

4. Portland, USA

Portland zooms into the lead in the U.S. with over 500 km of bike-specific paths. A vibrant cycling crowd calls it home, and bikes are everywhere. Explore diverse neighborhoods and cross the iconic Steel and Hawthorne Bridges. Join the Food and Bike tours in Portland!

Top 10 Bike-friendly Cities in the World (Portland, USA)
Top 10 Bike-friendly Cities in the World (Portland, USA)

5. Montreal, Canada

In Montreal, over 600 km of lanes weave through the city. It’s the preferred way of travel, showing off historic areas and lively culture. Old Montreal’s charm is a pedal away. Join and choose a bike tour in Montreal – both in English and French. 

6. Berlin, Germany

Berlin cycles through history, culture, and nightlife. With an expanding lane network, you can bike by the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Wall, and Reichstag, soaking in the city’s dynamic air. There are a handful of bike tours to choose from in Berlin

7. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona’s beauty shines on two wheels. Over 200 km of lanes guide you through art, history, and sandy beaches. Cycle the Gothic Quarter, past Sagrada Familia, and by the sea. Choose the Barcelona bike tour that fits the kind of traveler you are. 

8. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo’s bustling roads hide a growing bike-friendly side. Its lanes invite you to parks, temples, and shrines. Discover Meiji Shrine amid the city’s pulse. Tokyo offers cycling, go-kart, e-bike, and private car tours.

9. Bogota, Colombia

Bogota’s biking scene is rising, with extensive lanes for safe and easy cycling. Dive into its history and culture, from the Gold Museum to Monserrate Sanctuary.

10. Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg charms with over 500 km of lanes in northeast France. Bike by Notre Dame Cathedral and Petite France’s quaint streets. The city melds historic allure with a vibrant cycling life. Strasbourg has guided city and gourmet bike tours.  

Top 10 Bike-friendly Cities in the World (Bogota, Colombia)
Top 10 Bike-friendly Cities in the World (Bogota, Colombia)

These cities are leading the bike revolution with lanes, rentals, and flat, easy-going terrain. They open new ways to see the sights, embrace local vibes, and get active. Two wheels might be your best travel buddy in these bike-friendly cities.

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