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Self-guided Otrabanda Walking Tour in Willemstad, Curacao

This walking tour itinerary will take you Otrabanda district in Willemstad, Curacao.

This Otrabanda Walking Tour in Willemstad, Curacao, covers what I wanted to do and see in the neighborhood. Otrabanda means “the other side.” It’s where the past lives on. Walk its streets to feel Curacao’s heartbeat. See forts that once guarded the island, marvel at old, colorful buildings, and enjoy stunning waterfront views. Kura Hulanda tells stories of days gone by. Every corner has a tale. Get ready for this walking tour that connects you to Curacao’s rich heritage.

Otrabanda Walking Tour Willemstad Curacao Brionplein
Otrabanda Walking Tour Willemstad Curacao (Brionplein)

Where to Stay in Curacao

If you want to stay in Curacao, know it can be pricey. But there are options for budget travelers. Bed and Bike Curacao Hostel is affordable and comfy. Villa Tokara Boutique Hotel is a bit more but has charm. For luxury, go to Marriott Beach Resort, which has top-notch amenities and views. No matter what you choose, you’ll have a great time on this beautiful island.

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Otrabanda Walking Tour Willemstad Curacao (Djosa Mural)
Otrabanda Walking Tour Willemstad Curacao (Djosa Mural)

Tours in Curacao

If you want to explore Willemstad, Curacao, I suggest a 3-hour walking tour. This tour covers both the Punda and Otrobanda districts. It’s great if you’re on a cruise and have limited time. You won’t be disappointed.

For first-time visitors to the island, I recommend a 6-hour tour of Curacao Island. This tour is perfect if you have less time.

Otrabanda Walking Tour in Willemstad

Depending on your pace, this self-guided Otrabanda Walking tour will take 2-3 hours. If your purpose is just to see, take photos, and move on, then an hour or an hour and a half is enough. Otrabanda is still part of the city’s UNESCO World Heritage Site

Rif Fort

Built in 1828, this fort defended Curacao from pirates and enemies. Now, it thrives as a lively cultural center. Imagine soldiers on the lookout, now replaced by cafes and shops.

Molenplein 12-19

This is a stunning example of Baroque architecture, painted in an eye-catching blue. Although it’s closed, its elegance from the outside speaks volumes of Curacao’s architectural heritage.


Here, the Curacao flag flies, featuring a crown symbolizing the island’s royal connections. This spot offers captivating views, where the sea harmonizes with the sky.

Towards Breedestraat and to Djosa Mural

Pass a playground and a parking lot, leading you to the stunning Djosa mural. This mural, created by Francis Sling, Curacao’s celebrated artist, depicts a goddess. It invites you to feel the power of local art. On your left, you will find a wall of the art description. Read it to enrich your Otrabanda Walking tour experience.

Keep Walking on Breedestraat 

The journey continues past vibrant houses and the Basilica of St. Anne, a spiritual landmark. After the overpass, another mural of Kaya Kaya showcases community stories. Across the street, take advantage of the colorful stairs, promising picturesque moments from the top.

Netto Bar 

Stop by to taste Green Rum, a local legend since 1954. Netto Bar, the oldest in Curacao, offers a sip of history in every glass.

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Otrabanda Walking Tour Willemstad Curacao (Kura Hulanda Museum)
Otrabanda Walking Tour Willemstad Curacao (Kura Hulanda Museum)

Return to Djosa Mural

Retrace your steps back to the Djosa mural. A left on Kilpstraat (beside Botica Brion) leads to Kura Hulanda. Nestled behind Botica Brion, this museum unravels Curacao’s past, from the African slave trade to its cultural evolution. Explore artifacts that speak of resilience and transformation. There are also shops and restaurants here that serve mouth-watering food. 

Exploring Kura Hulanda 

Beyond the museum, get lost in streets lined with murals and colonial houses. Each wall and home tells a story of struggle, beauty, and identity. Capture these moments; they’re the essence of Curacao. Skip the line by buying your ticket here in advance. 

End at Gouverneur de Rouville

Your adventure concludes with breathtaking views at Cafe Gouverneur de Rouville. Overlooking Anna Bay and Handelskade, it’s the perfect backdrop for reflecting on your journey through Otrabanda’s heart.

This tour transforms you from a visitor into a traveler, immersing you in the rich tapestry of Curacao’s history, culture, and beauty. Each stop of this walking tour educates and inspires, making Otrabanda a place to see and a story to be part of.

Otrabanda Walking Tour Willemstad Curacao
Otrabanda Walking Tour Willemstad Curacao

Wrapping up your Otrabanda Walking Tour

Wrapping up the Otrabanda Walking Tour in Willemstad, Curacao leaves us enriched with history and culture. You’ve wandered through streets where history breathes—seen forts, murals, and the sea blend into a vivid tapestry. You’ve tasted tradition at Netto Bar. Each step on this journey through Otrabanda brought stories to life. Thanks for exploring the heart of Curacao with us. Carry these memories, and come back to discover more. Otrabanda always has new tales to tell.

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