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Lima in 3 Days – Your Guide to the Best of the City

Things to do in Lima: Historic District, Barranco, Miraflores, and Museo Larco

Kicking off your “3 Days in Lima” journey? Lima packs a punch with its diverse districts. Start with the artsy vibes in Miraflores, then catch the bohemian rhythm of Barranco, and don’t skip the rich history of the Lima Historic District. With Museo Larco on your list, you’re set to uncover ancient wonders. From cliffside sunsets to culinary delights and historic walks, every corner of Lima tells a story. Pack your backpack and your curiosity—Lima’s ready to surprise you at every turn.

Here’s to making those three days travel itinerary epic!

3 Days in Lima Travel Itinerary (Lima Historic District)
3 Days in Lima Travel Itinerary (Lima Historic District)

Where To Stay In Lima

  • Hostel: Waikiki Hostel, located a short walk from Larcomar Shopping Center, offers both private and shared accommodations, with amenities like free WiFi, a sun terrace, and an on-site bar.
  • Mid-Priced: Ayenda La Luna Inn, situated near Playa Redondo, provides comfortable and clean rooms with a bar and private parking, known for its friendly staff and great location.

Day 1: Historic District of Lima

Begin your journey by joining a free tour through the Historical District of Lima at San Martin Square, where colonial architecture captures your gaze. Continue down Jiron de la Unión Street, immersed in the lively street life. Make your way to La Merced Church to delve into its historic roots. Don’t miss the Bank Museum and its fascinating exhibits. Plaza Mayor awaits with stunning views of the CathedralGovernment Palace, and Town Hall. Honor history at the Taulichusco Tribute before finding tranquility within Santo Domingo’s Church. Your exploration culminates at the Catacombs and Museum of San Francisco, deepening colonial history. Wrap up your tour with a pisco-tasting session, savoring Peru’s famous Pisco Sour and embracing the essence of Peruvian culture. 

3 Days in Lima Travel Itinerary (Lima Historic District)
3 Days in Lima Travel Itinerary (Lima Historic District)

Day 2: Barranco and Miraflores Neighborhoods

Morning in Barranco Neighborhood

The morning of Day Two beckons you to Barranco Area’s bohemian heart, starting with the picturesque Bajada de Baños. Then, marvel at viceroyal art at the Osma Museum and capture the essence of Peruvian photography at the Mario Testino Museum. History unfolds at the Barranco cliffs, revealing tales of the Battle of San Juan. Admire the grandeur of old mansions and the architectural beauty of Barranco’s Municipality and Cathedral. Spot one of Lima’s last trams, wander past streets adorned with murals and soak in cliffside views at the beach. Delve deeper into culture at a local museum, cross the iconic Bridge of Sighs, and uncover Barranco’s mural treasure. Pause for coffee or souvenirs, ending your journey at Barranco’s main Plaza, a perfect close to a day of vibrant exploration and discovery.

3 Days in Lima Travel Itinerary (Barranco Neighborhood)
3 Days in Lima Travel Itinerary (Barranco Neighborhood)

Afternoon in Miraflores Neighborhood

In the afternoon, start your adventure in Miraflores, Lima’s urban oasis, at the impressive pre-Inca pyramid, Huaca Pucllana. Then, dive into local life with a leisurely stroll through Miraflores Central Park. Next, uncover ancient wonders at the Amano Pre-Columbian Textile Museum. Follow this with a refreshing afternoon walk along the Malecón and unwind in the romantic Parque del Amor. For shopping with stunning ocean views, head to Larcomar Mall. Don’t miss tasting Peru’s famous ceviche at Cevicheria Miramar, and cap off your day with a classic Pisco Sour in a lively local bar. Finally, enjoy a leisurely walk in Kennedy Park and the nearby Cat Park, perfect for ending your day on a light note. There are a lot of restaurants nearby; pick one for your dinner. 

Tours Available for Day 2: 
Miraflores: Bohemian Barranco Guided Bike Tour (3 hours)
Lima: Bike Tour in Miraflores & Barranco (3 hours)
Lima: Food Tour in Barranco (4 hours)
Lima: Ultimate Peruvian Food Tour (4 hours) 

3 Days in Lima Travel Itinerary (Parque del Amor in Miraflores)
3 Days in Lima Travel Itinerary (Parque del Amor in Miraflores)

Day 3: Museo Larco

Start your day early at Museo Larco to catch its doors opening. Famous for its unique collection of ancient Peruvian erotic artifacts in the “Sex Museum,” Museo Larco offers a fascinating glimpse into Peru’s historical perspectives on sexuality. This exhibit is unique and explores cultural views you won’t find elsewhere. If you’re jetting off early on day three for another Peruvian adventure, or if you circle back to the city at the end of your trip, ensure Museo Larco is a priority. Missing this captivating piece of Peru’s heritage? Unthinkable! 

3 Days in Lima Travel Itinerary (Miraflores)
3 Days in Lima Travel Itinerary (Miraflores)

Wrapping up 3 Days in Lima feels like closing a chapter on an epic mini-adventure. It’s been a ride, starting with urban explorations, diving into a rich cultural tapestry, and ending with a deep dive into Peru’s past. You’ve tasted the best ceviche, caught the sunset along the coast, and stepped back in time with every museum visit. Every moment was well-spent, proving you don’t need weeks to fall in love with a city.

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