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Bangkok to Siem Reap by Bus – A Relaxing Trip

Bangkok to Siem Reap by bus is easier than you think.

Traveling by bus from Bangkok to Siem Reap was surprisingly calm and relaxing. Initially, I expected chaos, but the ride was relaxing and comfortable. Thanks to the smooth travel, I slept a lot on the trip. Although the scenery is familiar to those from Asia, occasional rice fields and countryside greenery exist. The bus ride from Bangkok to Siem Reap was calm, comfortable, and straightforward. Overall, it’s a simple and pleasant experience. 

Bangkok to Siem Reap by Bus - A Relaxing Trip travel itinerary
Bangkok to Siem Reap by Bus – A Relaxing Trip

Buying the ticket and what’s the bus like

Consider taking the bus instead of flying. Although flying is faster, it can be a hassle with airport and immigration lines. Start by purchasing your ticket online here. I suggest the morning schedule for more legroom and comfort than the van. The bus has good wifi throughout the journey. Although the trip was expected to take 10-11 hours, our trip only took 9 hours. The border crossing was not busy upon our arrival.

Where to Stay in Siem Reap

In Siem Reap, there’s a place for every budget. For luxury, try Angkor Land Urban Boutique. It’s fancy and comfy. Harmony Indochine d’Angkor is mid-range. It offers good value and comfort. For savers, The Siem Reap Chilled Backpacker is perfect. It’s friendly and great for making friends. These spots ensure a cozy two-day stay, whether you’re spending a lot or a little.

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Bangkok to Siem Reap by Bus Travel Itinerary

Bangkok to Siem Reap by Bus - A Relaxing Trip Travel itinerary
Bangkok to Siem Reap by Bus – A Relaxing Trip

8:00 AM – Boarding the Bus

Our bus arrived on time, so we boarded it on time. Our tickets had our seat number, so we had to take the one assigned to us. There were empty seats, so when the bus left, some of us moved for more comfort. The bus was clean, and the seats were also comfortable. The wifi password written on a piece of paper in front of the bus was visible to everybody. The bus also has a toilet.  

10:00 AM – Picking up our lunch

Two hours later, our bus stopped, and the driver told us to use the restaurant’s toilet if we wanted to. We had 10 minutes to stretch and buy some drinks. When we returned to the bus, the bus conductor gave us our preferred packed lunch. Please note that lunch was included in the ticket. Before boarding in Bangkok, they asked us what we wanted for lunch. Then, they called the restaurant to have it ready when we picked it up. 

12:30 PM – Arrival at the Border

Bangkok to Siem Reap by Bus - A Relaxing Trip travel itinerary
Bangkok to Siem Reap by Bus – A Relaxing Trip

As we reached the border in Aranyaprathet, Thailand, a guide greeted us to help us cross the border. He explained the process and instructed us on which forms to fill out and the payment to be made. Next, we followed him to the exit immigration office, which was a breezy walk. Then, we headed towards Poipet, the Cambodian border, which took us a minute to reach on foot. We filled out the form briefly and paid $35 (or Baht 1,300) for the visa, which could be paid in USD or Thai Baht. The officer received our passports, and we waited for less than 10 minutes to get them back with our visas already pasted on one of the pages. 

Finally, we proceeded to the line for the entry immigration officer to get our passports stamped. Overall, we waited for another 15 minutes in the line. In less than 40 minutes, all the bus passengers were in Cambodia. 

Buying a SIM Card

After leaving the Cambodian immigration office, our guide inquired if anyone wanted to purchase a local SIM card. Some of us expressed interest, and he took us to a shop. Afterward, he informed everyone that we had free time until 2:00 PM and encouraged us to make the most of it.

4:43 PM – Arrival in Siem Reap

We traveled for about three hours from Poipet to Siem Reap. The bus arrived a few minutes before 5:00 PM, which was relatively early. As soon as we got off, some tuk-tuk drivers approached us, displaying signs with the names of the people they picked up. By 5:00 PM, I was ushered to my room, ready to start my adventure.

Watch this Video: Bangkok to Siem Reap by Bus

Watch this TikTok video of my whole trip by bus from Bangkok to Siem Reap. 


Here’s my journey from Bangkok to Siem Reap bus bus yesterday. It’s a long ride but it’s so much easier this time than it was in 2008. #bangkok #siemreap #thailand #cambodia #travel

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