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3 Days in La Paz: The World’s Highest Capital

Things to do in La Paz: Join a walking tour of the historic district, see the eerie Moon Valley, bike through the World's Most dangerous Road, and ride on the cable cars

Spending 3 days in La Paz in Bolivia, I plunged into its vibrant chaos and stunning beauty. From navigating lively markets to soaring above the city in cable cars, the contrast was striking. But the real thrill? Biking down the “world’s most dangerous road.” It was a heart-pounding blend of fear and exhilaration, with jaw-dropping views at every turn. Amidst this adventure, La Paz’s mix of modernity and ancient traditions, set against the backdrop of the Andes, made every moment unforgettable. 

I hope this travel itinerary will benefit you in your adventures in Bolivia! This South American country is will blew you away.

3 Days in La Paz: The World's Highest Capital
3 Days in La Paz: The World’s Highest Capital

Day 1: Exploring the Heart of La Paz

On my first day in La Paz, Bolivia, I started my morning with a free walking tour around the city. It’s not totally free because you’ve got to give tips to the guide. Ask your hotel/hostel for this tour. If they don’t have that information, you can book here. For about 3 hours, an English-speaking guide showed us around, diving into La Paz’s rich history, culture, and traditions. We learned fascinating facts, like the story behind the women’s unique hats and the presence of zebras on the streets. Our guide explained the masked shoe shiners and the city’s political upheavals. We stopped at the Witches’ Market, learning about Andean beliefs and what potions to buy. We admired the Presidential Palace, National Congress, Cathedral, and other historic sites at Plaza Murillo.

3 Days in La Paz: The World's Highest Capital
3 Days in La Paz: The World’s Highest Capital

In the afternoon, I hopped on an Uber to Moon Valley. No tour is needed here. Coming back, I took a local bus with other tourists. I got off 3 kilometers away from my hostel on purpose. With Google Maps in hand, I walked through the city, soaking in its vibe. This spontaneous exploration let me see La Paz from a unique angle.

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If you happen to be there on a Thursday or Sunday, watch a Cholita Boxing Show! Cholitas Luchadoras are women fighters in La Paz who perform in traditional attire. Born in El Alto, this show celebrates indigenous culture. It attracts families and friends every Thursday and Sunday for thrilling matches.

Day 2: Conquering Death Road

On my second day, I joined and tackled the infamous “Death Road” for an adrenaline-packed adventure. With top-notch bikes and expert guides, the 64-kilometer descent through breathtaking Andean scenery was unforgettable. Starting at 4,700 meters, we biked down twisting roads, past llamas and alpacas, and through tiny villages. The journey took us from misty waterfalls to the lush jungle, each turn offering more stunning views and heart-pumping excitement. Finishing at La Senda Verde Animal Refuge, I cooled down with a buffet lunch amidst rescued wildlife. With its unmatched safety and exhilarating paths, this daring ride was undoubtedly the highlight of my Bolivia trip.

3 Days in La Paz: The World's Highest Capital
3 Days in La Paz: The World’s Highest Capital (Biking through the world’s most dangerous road).

Day 3: Sky-High Adventures on Cable Cars

On my third day, I kicked it off with a cable car tour. La Paz doesn’t have subways, so cable cars are a big deal here. I was eager to see the city from above, and it didn’t disappoint—it was breathtaking! Our amazing bilingual guide shared insights into local culture and history as we rode. First, we stopped at the cemetery to admire its open-air street art gallery. Then, in El Alto, a local shaman read my fortune with coca leaves. The view from the sky was incredible, showing a side of the city I’d never seen. Riding the red cable car to El Alto and back, I soaked in every moment of the panoramic city views.

3 Days in La Paz: The World's Highest Capital
3 Days in La Paz: The World’s Highest Capital

In mid-afternoon, I returned to my hostel to prepare for my 3-day trip to Salar de Uyuni (Sal Flats) for the overnight journey. 

3 Days in La Paz: The World's Highest Capital Salar de Uyuni Salt Flats
3 Days in La Paz: The World’s Highest Capital (Salar de Uyuni/Salt Flats)

In 3 days in La Paz, I soaked up the local culture, marveled at city views from the cable cars, and wandered the streets, feeling the city’s pulse. The vibrant energy and the warmth of the locals made each day extraordinary. Those 3 days flew by, leaving me with a deep appreciation for La Paz, the world’s highest capital city! 

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