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3-Day Venice Itinerary – Including Murano and Burano Islands

This 3-day itinerary covers the must-see attractions and things to do in Venice, Italy.

This 3-day Venice itinerary is for first-time visitors. It covers iconic sights, Venetian culture, and island exploration. Whether you’re drawn to the city’s artistic marvels, historical treasures, or colorful charm, this guide will ensure you make the most of your visit. Get ready to experience the magic of Venice and its UNESCO World Heritage Sites as a first-time traveler!

3-Day Venice Itinerary - Including Murano and Burano Islands venice, the sun, holiday-1896151.jpg
3-Day Venice Itinerary – Including Murano and Burano Islands

Where To Stay In Venice

Venice provides various accommodation options to suit different preferences and budgets. Venice is expensive, that’s why this Venice itinerary is only for 3 days. I could have stayed longer if it’s affordable for a budget traveler like me. ☺️ Travelers looking for affordable stays can consider the Generator Venice, located on Giudecca Island, which offers stylish lodgings at a reasonable price. For those with a mid-range budget, the Hotel Sant’Antonin is highly recommended for its charming atmosphere and convenient proximity to major attractions. Luxury seekers can indulge in the exquisite experience of the Hotel Firenze, known for its elegant rooms and exceptional service near St. Mark’s Square.

3-Day Venice Itinerary - Including Murano and Burano Islands venice, canale grande, gondolier-3183168.jpg
3-Day Venice Itinerary – Including Murano and Burano Islands

Morning: Arrival in Venice

  • Settle in: Get comfortable in your accommodation and gear up for an unforgettable afternoon in the heart of Venice.

Afternoon: Discover Piazza San Marco’s Jewels

  • St. Mark’s Basilica: Marvel at its Italo-Byzantine architecture. The golden mosaics inside are a must-see. Pro TipDress modestly to ensure entry and consider booking a skip-the-line ticket to avoid long waits.
  • Doge’s Palace: Explore the history of Venice’s rulers. The opulent rooms and eerie prisons are captivating. Pro TipPurchase a combined ticket online for Doge’s Palace and other museums to save money and time.
  • Bridge of Sighs: Experience the poignant view that prisoners once saw before their imprisonment. Pro TipFind the spot on the Ponte della Paglia for the best view and photo opportunity of the bridge.
  • Campanile di San Marco: Climb up before sunset for breathtaking views of Venice. Ideal for panoramic shots. Pro TipGo early or late to dodge the crowds and catch the best light for photos. 

Evening: Culinary Delights

Dine: Enjoy dinner at a nearby restaurant. Indulge in Venetian specialties like sarde in saor or risotto al nero di seppia. Pro Tip 1Ask locals for restaurant recommendations to experience authentic Venetian cuisine away from tourist traps. Pro Tip 2: Take a photo of the menu and prices when you order. Check your bill against the photo to avoid overcharging. Some restaurants in Venice may inflate prices and show a different menu if you complain. Be vigilant. 

3-Day Venice Itinerary - Including Murano and Burano Islands venice, sunset, nature-4704342.jpg
3-Day Venice Itinerary – Including Murano and Burano Islands

Morning: Iconic Sights and Artistic Marvels

  • Rialto Bridge and Market: Kick off with fresh produce and seafood at the market. The bridge provides iconic canal views. Pro TipVisit early to see the market at its liveliest and enjoy a quieter Rialto Bridge.
  • Gondola Ride: Experience Venice’s canals in the most traditional way. Pro TipAgree on the price and duration before boarding to avoid surprises. For solo travelers, book your gondola ride here. If you want a private gondola ride, book here in advance. Why should you book ahead? It’s to avoid haggling prices and getting scammed. 
  • Gallerie dell’Accademia: Dive into Venice’s artistic heritage, from medieval to 18th-century art. Pro TipReserve tickets online to skip the queue.
  • Peggy Guggenheim Collection: Explore modern art in Peggy Guggenheim’s former home. Pro TipVisit the sculpture garden for a tranquil escape.

Afternoon: A Deep Dive into Venetian Culture

  • Ca’ Rezzonico: Immerse yourself in 18th-century Venetian baroque architecture and art. Pro TipDon’t miss the frescoed ceilings by Tiepolo.
  • Scuola Grande di San Rocco: Admire Tintoretto’s masterpiece ceiling paintings. Pro Tip: Rent the audio guide for insightful commentary on the artworks.

Evening: A Night at Teatro La Fenice

  • Teatro La Fenice: Cap off the day with a show at one of Italy’s most famous and historic opera houses. Pro TipBook tickets in advance and dress formally to enjoy the full experience of a night at the opera.
Burano 3-Day Venice Itinerary - Including Murano and Burano Islands channel, houses, colors-4062894.jpg
3-Day Venice Itinerary – Including Murano and Burano Islands (Burano)

Morning: Murano’s Artisanal Excellence

  • Murano Glassmaking Studios: Explore world-renowned studios for a live demonstration of glassblowing techniques, a craft unique to Murano. Pro TipMany studios offer free demonstrations, but it’s polite (and often expected) to browse their shop afterward—you are not obligated to buy, though!
  • Museo del Vetro (Glass Museum): Delve into the history of glassmaking and its evolution over centuries in Murano. Pro TipCheck if your ticket to the Glass Museum also grants access to other municipal museums in Venice. It’s a great way to save on entrance fees.

How to Get to Murano

  • To Murano: Catch a vaporetto (water bus) from Fondamente Nove or San Zaccaria. Line 12 is direct and frequent. Pro TipIf you’re visiting multiple islands, purchase a day pass for the vaporetto. It’s more cost-effective than single tickets.

Afternoon: Burano’s Colorful Charm

  • Burano is famous for its lace-making history and brightly colored fishermen’s houses. It is an ideal place for photography and unique souvenirs. Pro TipVisit the Museo del Merletto (Lace Museum) to see exquisite lace on display and learn about the craft’s significance to the island.

How to Get to Burano

  • To Burano: From Murano, take vaporetto line 12 directly to Burano. Pro TipThe journey between Murano and Burano offers scenic views, so have your camera ready for snapshots.

Evening: Authentic Dining in Burano

  • Dinner in Burano: Savor the freshest seafood at one of the island’s charming restaurants. The catch of the day is always a safe, delicious bet. Pro Tip 1Verify the boat schedule back to Venice or your accommodation to avoid being stranded. The last departures can be earlier than you think. Pro Tip 2Walk a bit off the main paths to find restaurants favored by locals. These spots often offer a more authentic and possibly less expensive dining experience.
3-Day Venice Itinerary - Including Murano and Burano Islands venice, carneval, carnival-4295692.jpg
3-Day Venice Itinerary – Including Murano and Burano Islands

Morning: Venice’s Serene Beginnings and Literary Treasures

  • Venetian Labyrinth Exploration: Start your day wandering through Venice’s maze of streets, canals, and bridges. Embrace the beauty of getting lost in this magical city. Pro TipEarly morning is the perfect time to experience Venice’s quieter side as the city awakens.
  • Libreria Acqua Alta: Immerse yourself in one of the world’s most unique bookstores, celebrated for its ingenious storage solutions against flooding and charming ambiance. Pro TipLook for the famous staircase made of old books at the back of the store, a perfect spot for a memorable photo.
  • Leisurely Walk: As you return, continue exploring by meandering through Venice’s different canals and alleyways. Each turn unveils hidden gems and captures the essence of Venetian life. Pro TipAllow yourself to wander without a strict route in mind. Venice is best discovered through its unexpected nooks and crannies.

Afternoon: Fond Farewell to Venice

  • Departure from Venice: As you prepare to leave, ensure all your beautiful souvenirs and memories are packed. Reflect on the incredible experiences and moments you’ve captured. Pro TipVerify your luggage for any last-minute additions and double-check your transportation schedules to ensure a smooth departure.

This final day of Venice Itinerary allows you to soak in the Venetian atmosphere one last time, leaving you with lasting memories of its streets, canals, and unique charm. Safe travels!

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Onward to the Next Italian Destinations

From Venice, you can take a train to different destinations in Italy

  • Venice to Verona: The train journey typically takes 1 to 1.5 hours, with direct connections available. The distance by train route is 120 kilometers (about 75 miles).
  • Venice to Milan: For direct high-speed services, this train trip usually takes 2 to 2.5 hours. The train covers approximately 270 kilometers (around 168 miles).

Buy your train ickets here. 

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