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2 Days in Sevilla Itinerary: The Heart and Soul of Andalusia

Things to do in Sevilla: Real Alcázar, Catedral & Giralda, Museo de Bellas Artes, Parque de María Luisa, Plaza de España, Hospital de los Venerables Sacerdotes, Metropol Parasol, and Museo del Baile Flamenco.

This Sevilla itinerary unfolds over two enchanting days. It offers a deep dive into a city renowned for its vibrant flamenco beats and architectural grandeur. As you traverse the lively streets and soak up the rich historical narratives, Sevilla promises a journey that blends cultural immersion with the spirited charm of Southern Spain. Here’s your guide to experiencing the essence of Sevilla, ensuring you capture all its highlights without missing a beat.

2 Days In Sevilla Itinerary: The Heart And Soul Of Andalusia (Metropol Parasol) seville, evening atmosphere, light-768207.jpg
2 Days In Sevilla Itinerary: The Heart And Soul Of Andalusia (Metropol Parasol)

Getting Around Sevilla

Getting around Sevilla is best done on foot, especially if you stay centrally. The attractions in this itinerary are conveniently close to each other, making walking an excellent way to explore. Strolling through Sevilla’s charming streets allows you to truly absorb the city’s vibrant atmosphere. Embrace the joy of getting lost—it’s an integral part of the travel experience, leading you to unexpected discoveries and delightful encounters.

Where to Stay in Sevilla

In Sevilla, accommodation options cater to every budget. For backpackers, room00 Salvador Hostel offers a vibrant, friendly atmosphere perfect for solo travelers. Those looking for mid-range options might enjoy Hotel Don Paco, which provides comfortable rooms and a rooftop pool. Luxury seekers can indulge at Hotel Alfonso XIII, a historic hotel known for its exquisite architecture and premier services, ensuring a lavish stay in the heart of the city.

Sevilla City Tours

If you prefer to explore Sevilla with local insights, several city tours are available that provide a deeper understanding of this vibrant city. Opt for a guided tour of the Alcázar, Cathedral, and Giralda to unravel the historical significance and architectural beauty through expert narration. All three attractions are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Alternatively, for a more dynamic experience, consider a daily bike tour, offering a fresh and engaging perspective as you pedal through the charming streets of Sevilla.

2 Days In Sevilla Itinerary: The Heart And Soul Of Andalusia (Catedral & Giralda) giralda, cathedral, seville-2064185.jpg
2 Days In Sevilla Itinerary: The Heart And Soul Of Andalusia (Catedral & Giralda)

Day 1 Sevilla Itinerary: Historical Heart and Artistic Soul


  • Start at Real Alcázar (Opening hours: 9:30 AM)
    • Duration: 2 hours
    • Highlights: Don’t miss the exquisite Mudejar architecture and the tranquil gardens. The intricate tilework and the Hall of Ambassadors are breathtaking.
    • Walk to Catedral & Giralda (10 min walk)
  • Catedral & Giralda
    • Duration: 1.5 hours
    • Highlights: Climb the Giralda Tower for a panoramic view of the city. Inside, explore Christopher Columbus’s tomb and the awe-inspiring altarpiece.
  • Lunch at La Azotea (15 min walk)
    • Cuisine: Modern takes on traditional Andalusian dishes. Try the seared tuna or the local cheese platter.


  • Hospital de los Venerables Sacerdotes (10 min walk)
    • Duration: 1 hour
    • Highlights: Admire the stunning Baroque architecture and the peaceful courtyard. The focus here is on religious art and Sevillian painters.
  • Museo de Bellas Artes (20 min walk)
    • Duration: 1.5 hours
    • Highlights: Dive into Seville’s art scene with works from the medieval period to the 20th century. Don’t miss works by Murillo and Zurbarán.
  • Dinner at Eslava (15 min walk)
    • Cuisine: Known for its innovative tapas. The slow-cooked egg on boletus cake is a must-try.


  • Metropol Parasol (10 min walk)
    • Duration: 30 minutes to explore and enjoy the view
    • Highlights: Walk to the top for a sunset view over Sevilla. The structure itself is a modern architectural wonder.

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2 Days In Sevilla Itinerary: The Heart And Soul Of Andalusia (Flamenco) woman, fan, flamenco-5839367.jpg
2 Days In Sevilla Itinerary: The Heart And Soul Of Andalusia (Flamenco)

Day 2 Sevilla Itinerary: Parks, Plazas, and Passionate Flamenco


  • Breakfast at Pan y Più
    • Opening hours: Start your morning at 8:00 AM
    • Location: Conveniently located near the entrance to Parque de María Luisa.
    • Highlights: A charming cafe offering a variety of freshly baked pastries, local jams, and robust coffees. The croissants and tortilla Española are highly recommended for a hearty start to your day.
  • Parque de María Luisa (Start at 10:00 AM)
    • Duration: 1 hour
    • Highlights: Wander through Sevilla’s most famous park, where the lush greenery and serene ponds make for a peaceful morning walk.
  • Plaza de España (within the park)
    • Duration: 1 hour
    • Highlights: Explore this architectural marvel with its beautiful bridges and expansive mosaic walls depicting scenes from Spanish history.
  • Lunch at La Raza
    • Location: A short stroll from Plaza de España
    • Cuisine: Offers delicious traditional dishes in a picturesque setting.


  • Casa de Pilatos (25 min walk)
    • Duration: 1 to 1.5 hours
    • Highlights: Replace the Museo del Baile Flamenco with a visit to this less crowded but equally fascinating Andalusian palace. Known for its blend of Italian Renaissance and Mudejar architecture, it offers beautifully tiled courtyards and elegant gardens. Be sure to visit the upper floor, which features historical furniture and Roman sculptures.


  • Dinner and Flamenco Show at Casa de la Memoria
    • Cuisine: End your day with local culinary delights.
    • Flamenco Show: Immerse yourself in the passionate world of flamenco in one of Sevilla’s most intimate venues.

This Sevilla itinerary is a blend of culture, art, history, and the vibrant Andalusian spirit. Sevilla is waiting to enchant you with its stories and melodies. What would you like to explore next? Or is there another destination that’s calling to you?

2 Days In Sevilla Itinerary: The Heart And Soul Of Andalusia (Plaza de España)
2 Days In Sevilla Itinerary: The Heart And Soul Of Andalusia (Plaza de España)

Onwards to Other Destinations from Sevilla

From Sevilla, continue your adventures by train to several captivating destinations. Reach Madrid in just 2.5 hours and dive into its vibrant cultural scene. Granada is about 3 hours away; take advantage of the stunning Alhambra. Faro is the nearest city for a Portuguese escapade, approximately 4 hours by train. You can book your train tickets or bus tickets online for convenience. Each journey offers scenic views and comfortable rides, perfect extensions to your Sevilla exploration.

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